Beaders often ask Judy how her ClipLooms are made, so an overview follows.
Judy says it is essential to be married to a handy husband with a fully equipped shop!

Richard is a builder of handmade acoustic guitars, also a designer and fabricater of machinery and agricultural equipment.
African Mahogany 6-String Guitar
Hydraulic Log Splitter Attachment
Our ClipLoom components are made from quality materials, with Richard doing all stages of the work. Stainless steel was chosen for the clip bars because it will not rust like ordinary steel nor leave black marks on your hands like aluminum. The threaded rods and nuts are plated to prevent rust. American black walnut is used for the wood members. Custom made jigs and fixtures are employed at many stages of construction to ensure uniformity of the components. A hand-applied multiple-coat thin finish gives the wood members a sheen that invites touching.
Roughsawn American black walnut planks get precisely planed to uniform thickness.
Planks are sawn into individual strips.
After several progressive stages of sanding each strip, a coat of sealer gets wiped on.
The wood members are cut to length and undergo a series of operations to drill and shape their ends.
Stainless steel clip bars for small, medium and large ClipLooms being drilled and bent.
Black walnut ends with their third and final hand-rubbed coat of clear finish drying.